Tim Hopkins ~ CPC/CTS, Executive Recruiter & Vice President of Operations

Tim joined the Stephens International Recruiting, Inc. team as an Executive Recruiter in 2001, originally working out of the Lakeview, AR office.  He was promoted to Vice President of Operations and reopened the San Antonio, TX office in August 2002.  Tim is experienced in recruiting and placement and has extensive experience in public relations, marketing, sales, and account management. In addition to his success in recruitment services, he has a thorough understanding in the areas of clinical engineering/biomedical equipment maintenance programs and positions.

Tim provides career counseling services, conducts seminars and provides career presentations to healthcare organizations, and conducts seminars for attendees at national and regional conferences at AAMI and MDExpo.  Tim has written industry articles for several trade magazines and publications to include 24×7, TechNation, and AAMI.

Tim completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management from the University of Houston Clear Lake.  He is certified in both the Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and the Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (CTS).  Maintaining this certification demonstrates his knowledge of current employment laws, business operations and ethics, personnel and contract management, and other critical areas within the industry.  This certification indicates the certified individuals as adhering to the NAPS Standards of Ethical Practices, and their professionalism, credibility, and dedication to the staffing industry.

Tim Hopkins
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