Radiology / Imaging Engineers

Radiology / Imaging Engineers: Under minimal supervision, provide repairs, calibration, testing, and maintenance of diagnostic imaging equipment and systems to ensure safe and appropriate operations. Executes scheduled preventive maintenance actions. Maintains documentation of all service events, tests, and corrective maintenance performed on a wide range of imaging technologies. Repair, install, maintain, calibrate, and inspect diagnostic imaging systems. Perform preventive maintenance and electrical safety testing of diagnostic imaging technologies. Reviews the outcome of preventive maintenance actions and makes recommendations concerning changes to preventive maintenance schedules, procedures, or documentation. Is typically trained by Radiology manufactures such as General Electric, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi and Shimadzu. Additionally, candidate can be trained at the Radiological Service Training institute (RSTI) or Department of Defense Biomedical Equipment Training Program at Fort Sam Houston, TX, or the DITEC X-Ray Service Training Program.

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