Field Service Technicians

Field Service Technicians: As a field service engineer for medical equipment the main responsibility is to service, repair, and install new and older medical equipment. They also write full service reports and complete all paperwork associated with each service call and ensure that the appropriate Biomedical manager obtains the appropriate paperwork/service order documentation. The field service engineer for medical equipment may need to train other engineers/technicians, as well as communicate relevant feedback to the proper departments related to equipment performance. Additionally, they must troubleshoot issues related to medical equipment, providing a high-quality customer service experience. This is generally a full-time position, although overtime and alternative hours may be required depending on the needs of the business. Travel is generally needed in this position, and heavy lifting may be required from time to time. Field service engineers for medical equipment positions generally require at least an associate’s degree in a related field and at least five years of relevant work experience. Additionally, they need to have strong analytical abilities and be able to work well under pressure. They perform preventative maintenance services to keep them running smoothly. MRI, CT, X-Ray, Nuclear Camera repair technicians keep records of the work they do in the event of future problems.

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