Cath. Lab Service Technicians

Cath. Lab Service Technicians: Performs safety checks, repair and preventive maintenance of interventional cardiology X-Ray systems and related equipment. Optimizes the safety, effectiveness, efficiency and economy of diagnostic and supporting medical equipment used for the administration of diagnostic imaging services to the patient. Candidates should have been trained at an accredited, two year college in Biomedical Instrumentation or the Department of Defense 42 week Biomedical Equipment Training program at Fort Sam Houston, TX or a vocational school that awards Biomedical Instrumentation Certificate. Additional training from the manufacture of cardiology x-ray equipment is required. Manufactures of this type of equipment include Siemens, General Electric, Philips and Toshiba. Additionally, a candidate can be trained at the Radiological Service Training institute (RSTI) or the Department of Defense Biomedical Equipment Training Program at Fort Sam Houston, TX, or the DITEC X-Ray Service Training Program.

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