Biomedical Equipment Technicians

Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs): With some supervision will perform safety checks of hospital equipment, and perform routine and in-depth service and repairs on the equipment assigned. Optimize the safety, effectiveness, efficiency and economy of diagnostic, therapeutic and supporting clinical equipment used for patient care by routine, periodic inspections, and calibration of the equipment. BMETs repair and perform preventive maintenance on medical equipment or Clinical Equipment. Perform safety checks and document all tasks to ensure compliance with all local and Federal guidelines. Must have previous experience as a BMET I to be considered at the BMET II Level. They are typically trained at an accredited, two year college in Biomedical Instrumentation or the Department of Defense 42-week Biomedical Equipment Training program at Fort Sam Houston, TX or a vocational school that awards Biomedical Instrumentation Certificate. BMETs work for manufactures of Clinical Equipment, Hospitals and third party service organizations such as Aramark, formerly ServiceMaster, Crothall, General Electric, Philips, Modern Medical Systems, Modern Biomedical and Imaging Services, and Sodexo.

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